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Jewelry is transformative, it defines our style and lifts our energy.


Nature is the ultimate scene stealer.

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Lee Milward Jewelry was founded in the South but traces its heritage all the way back to the stones, shells, and beads Lee collects to design her pieces. The nomadic soul of the line is balanced by a deep elegance and polished aesthetic. Her vibrant and eclectic designs go well beyond her Lexington, KY roots, inspired by natural elements and treasures collected from her travels.

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We love a wow moment.

Truth is, at Lee Milward we want heads to turn when you walk into a room. Lee designs with that very thought in mind. Treasures collected the world over, embodying the spirit of the places they came from. There is a sense of traveled awe to what Lee creates. With a love for the sea and a travelers spirit, Lee Milward Jewelry is a balance of many muses — bohemian and nomadic, with an undone elegance.


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