our story

Lee Milward Designs was born out of a creative spirit and lifelong passion for designing jewelry that celebrates the unique beauty and individual style of women.

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unexpected and authentic beauty

I've always loved, and found inspiration in, everything about design - clothing, jewelry, textiles, art and décor. The journey of developing new ideas …stacks of magazine pages, boxes of fabrics, textures, colors or being led to create something beautiful by a unique work of art...there is so much joy in searching for and finding inspiration in everything around us!


consciously crafted jewelry

My dream is to design sustainable and worldly jewelry that has a story to tell. Each curated piece is inspired by my experiences, travels, obsessions, inspirations and the forever pursuit and passion of all things well made and beautiful. These passions inspire me to create joyful, nature inspired pieces imbued with an eclectic worldly femininity that are special, not only to me, but most importantly to the women who would wear them.  

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beautifully imperfect and timeless

I hope my handcrafted pieces will find a home in your storied collection and bring you joy.  Jewelry is such a personal expression and therefore my collections are ever evolving.....like each of us. My true and most genuine reward are the relationships Ive made along the way. I'm forever grateful for family and friends, and all of you who support small businesses. Your endless encouragement and patronage continue to make our journeys possible.