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I'm a maximalist.

So, is my jewelry.

Each necklace is me. It’s what I wear. It’s what I love. It’s shells and stones that are foraged and found, waiting to tell their story.

I love how each piece transports me to the places I’ve been, but the magic of jewelry is that it's far more transformative than that. It brings out the best in me, and connects me to beauty.

And now it connects me to you.

Wear it with love,


Photo Dec 29 2022, 1 31 59 PM.jpg

Word of Mouth

“Lee is a delight to work with. I treasure all my pieces and always get so many compliments. I feel like the belle of the ball!”

“I love how these pieces are inspired by beautiful places I’ve been to, like the indigenous handmade beautiful souvenirs you could never find. They are truly collectible, fun to wear and instant conversation pieces!”

“…exquisite pieces of wearable art that transport you to lovely places every time you wear them. They always arrive quickly, in beautiful packaging…definitely my favorite splurge!”

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